2 Pack Finishing services provided by Uneke Furniture

Clear Lacquer

Our standard finish. We use a Pre catalysed Lacquer, made in Australia By Mirotone, which is a satin finish. This is a easy maintenance, clear finish which while showing the natural beauty of the timber provides a robust surface layer that is repairable. Sprayed onto natural timber, small scratches are able to be lightly sanded out and repaired using Mirotone Spraylac, which contains an amount of thinners to let the new lacquer penetrate and blend in with the original finish. No Need for messy re oiling, and very low maintenance (for further information please see our care and maintenance section). With a clear lacquer finish, Uneke can also re surface their own solid timber table tops, which involves removing the old damaged lacquer and damaged timber, and re polishing the top with new lacquer, bringing it back just like new.

Stained Lacquer

Most commonly used on Tasmanian oak, the staining of the timber allows us to custom match a colour sample to get your furniture looking as close as possible to a sample provided by the customer. Tasmanian Oak is best suited for this as it is a neutral colour and has the most even grain. Stain is sprayed onto the raw furniture, which penetrates into the top layer of timber cells, then a clear lacquer finish is applied over the top to seal it in. While the lacquer provides a layer of protection, Stained Lacquer finishes are very difficult to repair should the damage penetrate through the Lacquer layer. Stained Tables are unable to be resurfaced.

Painted Lacquer

Painted lacquer allows the coloured finish of any dulux paint colour combined with a small amount of grain showing through the painted surface. Again, the furniture is made using Tasmanian Oak, and the raw timber is sealed with a coat of sanding sealer (the same as it would be with Clear lacquer). The colour coat is then applied to suit, and the colour is then locked in with a top coating of clear lacquer, preventing any paint coming off when rubbed and allowing easy maintenance for the surface. Painted lacquer is great for that provincial style look.

2 pack Polyurethane

Available in Satin or most commonly Gloss, 2 pack polyurethane uses a chemical reaction between the paint and a hardener to cure. This gives furniture the finish as durable and scratch resistant as car paint, allowing any dulux colour to be painted on silky smooth with no timber grain exposed. Our 2 pack finishes are sprayed over satinboard, a product specially designed for the painting of gloss finishes, that is primed before the paint goes on. Gloss 2 pack is becoming more and more popular, especially when incorporated with timber highlights. 2 Pack Polyurethane, just like a car paint, can be touched up but not repaired without respraying the entire surface. [back to top]